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All themes were run on the latest development version of StepMania 5 (post-beta 3), so some errors in display/operation are likely. For screenshots, all themes were run in dance mode, when known to run properly in that mode. Themes. Themes are sorted in alphabetical order [SM5.0.12][THEME] ResurrecXion Proyect by sharechk (4 years ago) Replies: 0. Views: 5306 [SM5.0.12][THEME] ResurrecXion Proyect by sharechk. 4 years ago [REQUEST] SM5.0.12 Pump Theme by Gio Shawn Matos (4 years ago) StepMania and its website are open source software released under the MIT License I went into preferences.ini for stepmania 5 and changed the values accordingly: ITG: TimeWindowSecondsW1=0.022500 TimeWindowSecondsW2=0.045000 TimeWindowSecondsW3=0.090000 TimeWindowSecondsW4=0.135000 TimeWindowSecondsW5=0.18000 Forums » Themes. Threads. PSA: Tag your threads by holo (6 years ago) Page: 1, 2, 3. Replies: 20. Views: 20793. Re: PSA: Tag your threads by Goliath_CZ. 5 years ago [SM5][WIP]QuadIIDX by Jousway (5 years ago) StepMania and its website are open source software released under the MIT License How do you even get the theme folder into the game? by GS9 Flood (5 years ago) Replies: 1. Views: 2346. Re: How do you even get the theme folder into the game? by tertu. 5 years ago StepMania and its website are open source software released under the MIT License. GitHub

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Theme for StepMania 5 and Etterna. The Etterna port of the theme is maintained by poco0317. - ca25nada/spawncamping-wallhac Home » StepMania Themes. 1 folders, 62 files, 852.8 MBytes Search. Where to search this folder and sub-folders this folder only entire server Select x.filter. StepMania Archive Theme Update. The purpose of this site is to provide information about the themes that are currentlty being worked on, and their status Link de descarga: Link THEME ONE DRIVE marzo 3 de 2019 (233 MB): https://1drv.ms/f/s!AoqmuF7Ca85vikspcfqbnfy3ePBz Link THEME Mega marzo 3 de 2019 (233 MB): h..

Stepmania Factory Pack I: 379 MB: 67: Stepmania Factory Pack II: 324 MB: 72: Stepmania France Megapack: 155 MB: 42: Stepmania GothMix 3: 227 MB: 22: Stepmania Is A Exprience! 1673 MB: 355: Stepmania Marchen Debut: 225 MB: 17: Stepmania Nostalgia Pack: 130 MB: 33: Stepmania Open Cafe Hard Pack 1: 523 MB: 66: Stepmania Paradise Reborn Volume 1. Zenius -I- vanisher.com -5th style- II > Forums > Simulation Forums > Simulation Discussion > Stepmania 5 themes? Notable ones? Official ones (like a DDR A theme?) Stepmania 5 themes? Notable ones? Official ones (like a DDR A theme?) Register Log In Back To Forums. Post #1 · Posted at 2016-08-04 12:07:17pm 4.2 years ago. ffxin00b moonlight's history starts with a theme for StepMania 4 CVS called dubaiOne. Since that takes forever to get into, let's just say that moonlight had the first proper implementation of CustomSpeedMods in StepMania 5, as well as some theme customization options. Overall. A long time ago, moonlight was the example of how to make a StepMania 5 theme Simply Love (StepMania 5) About. Simply Love is a StepMania 5 theme for the post-ITG community. It features a clean and simple design, offers numerous data-driven features not implemented by the StepMania 5 engine, and allows the current generation of ITG fans to breathe new life into the game they've known for over a decade Linux: ~/.stepmania-5.1/ macOS: ~/Library/Application Support/StepMania 5.1/ The Alternate folder preferences can be used to share content such as songs between multiple versions of StepMania. Changes since Beta 1 Player-visible changes. The new default theme has undergone visual changes, including a revised color scheme and flatter appearance

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MadkaT Stepmania Themes. 35 likes · 2 talking about this. Official site for MadkaT Stepmania themes 選曲画面でのホイールの描画負荷を軽減(とくにStepMania 5.1環境) 2019/10/29. StepMania 5.1環境でホイールの描画がおかしい問題を修正; 2019/04/07. StepMania 5.1 beta2に対応; SMNetSystemsとの連携ができない環境でエラーが発生する問題を修正; 2018/12/2 stepmania themes, stepmania themes download, stepmania themes reddit, stepmania theme packs, stepmania themes ddr extreme, stepmania theme simply love, stepmania theme ddr a20, stepmania theme maker, stepmania theme install, stepmania themes ddr Stepmania.. StepMania 5.0.12; release notes compiled and Markdown formatted by @kyzentun: Player visible changes: Gameplay. Fixed bug that allowed pausing by pressing Select then Back. Pausing requires pressing the same button twice. Default theme ignores holding Select, or Start during gameplay. The pause menu must be used to back out of a song. Select Musi

Home » StepMania Themes. 1 folders, 62 files, 852.8 MBytes Search. Where to search this folder and sub-folders this folder only entire server Select All Invert Mask. Actions Archive Get list Server information HttpFileServer 2.3m Server time: 2020-10-10 09:02:28 Server uptime: (25. Project Moondance is the home of StepMania 5.3 OutFox. It is led by Team Rizu, a development team of community veterans and other prominent members of the community. Join the community. Share your feedback and discuss OutFox and other community projects with Team Rizu developers on our Moondance Discord server,. Replies: 0. Views: 4347. mjc5678's 2019 BG Effects Pack by mjc5678. 10 months ago. mjc5678's 2018 BG Effect Pack by mjc5678 (22 months ago Theme Breakdown Overall. The theme seems to have been made for a resolution of at least 720p (vertical). As a result, some of the text will be harder to read if you're running in a lower resolution. Most of this text is inconsequential, but ScreenSelectMusic is hit the worst. Select Musi

Target StepMania Version: StepMania 5 beta 3? Theme Size: 167MB (compressed, including noteskins and songs); 69.9MB (cyberiastyle8 theme only), 51.9MB (cyberiastyle8_low theme only) Compatible Aspect Ratios: all? Usable Gametypes: dance, others? Links. CyberiaStyle home page. Screenshot It's probably a theme conflict, which can potentially happen on any screen (though most often when attempting to load the song select screen) if you switch themes and don't restart StepMania, because SM 3.95 holds certain things in RAM without changing them when you switch themes, instead of properly clearing everything reproduced theme on stepmania 5! version 1.0 Capable with stepmania 5.0.9. 16:9 only XD Coding: KENp Graphic: KENp Special Thanks to theme 'default extended', Risk, pkwp and theme 'DDR 2014' If anyone would like to contribute any idea, code or graphic, audio data, please let me know This theme is mainly developed for StepMania 3.9+ Redux (but I still made a 3.9 version if you wanna try, it might crash in some screen so I recommend 3.9+ Redux) There're 2 style gameplay in this theme and I called them Dance and IIDX, if you want to switch to the other gameplay, back to Title Menu and use the DJ Troopers tool which is include with theme (enter the Help menu in the theme for.

  1. Flash Flash Revolution Rhythm and Music Games. 2,551 songs to play! 280 players currently online! 610,092 arrows smashed today! 2,036,099 members and growing! Server Time: November 15th, 08:08:17 A
  2. Theme Breakdown. A port of PatrickIIDX's Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix theme for StepMania 3.9, freem has expanded it to be closer to the home version. Overall. Diet mode doesn't work! This is probably the most important thing to know if you're looking at using the theme. If that doesn't matter to you, then great. Select Musi
  3. imal design with maximum features. Note scrolling modifications, data visualizations, everything is at your finger tips. It can be more overwhel
  4. So ya looking for noteskins and themes are ya, but cant find any, oh well let me help you also I'ma red so people wil read If you have any questions about themes or noteskins ask me, I know what I'm doing Stepmania things has a load of themes but a load of them are unstable, its basicly just a giant garbage bin of themes
  5. A continuously growing collection of StepMania builds from 2001 up to today; Official and Unofficial Fan made builds. Quick Travel. Notes. If you want the source files for these builds -if i get enough requests-I'll start searching for them too. Some build dates.
  6. Stepmania Pages Other Brand Website Entertainment Website Takuya's StepMania Themes English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil) · Français (France) · Deutsc
  7. Custom themes: users can create their own skins for StepMania. Themes can vary from simple replacement of images to drastic changes that can be implemented by scripting its Lua backend. Dancing characters: 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional character models that dance in the background according to a pre-defined routine

\StepMania 5\Themes\ThemeName\BGAnimations\optionicon_P1 と、 \StepMania 5\Themes\ThemeName\BGAnimations\optionicon_P2 に設定したハイスピード値画像を追加する。 ※ファイル名は(2)で設定した値にすること

Takuya's StepMania Themes updated their cover photo. January 9, 2016 · Takuya's StepMania Themes added a new photo to the album: DDRMAX 3 - Dance Dance Revolution 8thMix Themes compatible with StepMania 4. StepMania 4 Themes. Icon Name Server Download; Cerulean Skies 2: 11/08/200

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  1. Stepmania Nostalgia Pack: 130 MB: 33: 2016-Sep-28: King Turin 2011: 202 MB: 42: 2016-Sep-28: Insomnia 3-f: 10 MB: 3: 2016-Sep-28: Tandem [SM5] 44 MB: 10: 2018-Feb-01: Nacho (nachomixxx) Originals: 25 MB: 11: 2017-Apr-23: blahblahblah Originals: 3 MB: 2: 2017-Apr-23: JOW! Wubs U: 35 MB: 10: 2016-Sep-28: Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Korean v2: 14.
  2. Made by: freem Latest Version: (StepMania 5 beta 3) v1.0a (03/06/2013) ultralight was originally designed as the default theme for a StepMania fork called StepMania Frankencode, which eventually became sm-ssc. ultralight split off way before that point, however
  3. あれは 壮大 Stepmania Theme. あれは 壮大 Stepmania Theme, うまくいけば's 便利であなたはそれが好き. 関連記事をもっと探す 壮大 Stepmania Theme.
  4. StepMania向けのアニメの譜面(Simfile, DWI)など。懐かしいものから最近のものまで様々なStepManiaのアニソン譜面を公開
  5. 55 Results for packs: Dance Dance Revolution. Pack Size Song Count Download; Astro's Edits - Dance Dance Revolution: 37 MB: 1

Video: [StepMania 5.0.12 Theme] DDR A - Simulation Discussion ..

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⇒StepMania 5 Theme Update; ただし、対応しているバージョンに注意してください。同じStepMania5.0でも少し古いバージョン向けに作られたテーマファイルは動作しないことがあります StepMania Review. StepMania is a great Rythms game which uses videoclips to test your hability. StepMania funciona works with music and video files that can be downloaded from the official site, once the game has started, you have to follow the instructions of the game, I mean, you will see on screen the key combinations you have to press according to the music rythm StepMania Brought to you by: chrisdanford, gmaynard, shakesoda, stevecheckoway. This project can now be found here. Summary Files Reviews Support. Subject: Re: [Stepmania-devs] Potential theme maker... ^_^ Hmm, again, for more open screens like ScreenSelectMaster, default fallbacks are rather context specific. The default is currently missing entire screens, so it's not much help there at the moment

GitHub - concubidated/ITG2-SM5-Theme: A remastered version

StepMania Brought to you by: chrisdanford, gmaynard, shakesoda , stevecheckoway. This project can now be found here. Summary Files. What do you think is the best Stepmania theme? If your not sure, then which Stepmania theme do you mainly use? I use the AOI Project Blue theme because it has a c600 speed mod, the highest I could find. you can change speedmod with any theme. derekyo: 11-17-2006 07:26 PM: Re: Stepmania Themes Free download page for Project StepMania's StepMania-3.9.exe.StepMania is a music/rhythm game. The player presses different buttons in time to the music and to note patterns that scroll across the screen. Features 3D graphics, visualizations, support for. What sets Stepmania apart from other dancing games is its level of customization. While the ability to edit stepcharts (the pattern of notes used for a particular song) is retained from the Dance Dance Revolution series, the ability to import custom songs, backgrounds, themes, characters, and commentator voices has been added No me adjudicare el trabajo de ningún theme publicado, puesto que solo he colaborado en el proyecto ULTIMATE, sin embargo esta sección esta hecha para hacer una pequeña recopilación de themes para las diversas versiones de Stepmania, si tu theme esta en esta sección y eres el autor del mismo ( demuéstralo claro esta) y no quieres que tu theme forme parte de esta recopilación, puedes.

Install all of those dancing characters in StepMania 5.x! When it comes to Stepmania and the characters that we've made. It's a modders obligation to provide adequate instructions in how to install this so just about any person can follow throw and have dancing characters to go with their favorit

StepMania is capable of playing many game types. Currently, it supports games similar to Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, EZ 2 Dancer, and Para Para Paradise Stepmania introduces us to the world of dancing, with a game system in which we'll have to follow the steps that the game indicates by means of arrows, that follow the rhythm of the music. In a very colorful and rather disco style environment, we'll be able to enjoy quite a few songs, that can be downloaded directly from the Stepmania website An archive of themes for all StepMania versions. Select a SM Version. StepMania 3.9 StepMania 4 StepMania StepMania Wallpaper. Looking for the best StepMania Wallpaper? We've got 55+ great wallpaper images hand-picked by our users. Feel free to send us your own wallpaper and we will consider adding it to appropriate category. Download, share and comment wallpapers you like

Simply Love IT

DDR X StepMania Theme first preview video. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 3:54 [WIP 3.9+/3.9] beatmaniaIIDX16 EMPRESS theme for Stepmania preview stepmania theme, stepmania themes 5, stepmania themes reddit, stepmania themes ddr extreme, stepmania theme ddr a, stepmania theme install, stepmania theme simply love, stepmania theme pump it up, stepmania theme maker, stepmania themes 3.9, stepmania themes, stepmania themes downloa See more of Takuya's StepMania Themes on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Community See All. 689 people like this. 691 people follow this. About See All. Entertainment Website. Page Transparency See More. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page

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Because 573s and Python 2s are glorified PlayStation consoles, you can't install StepMania on them. The good news is that StepMania has very low hardware requirements — any PC from the last decade should run it just fine. If you want to run fancy themes or play songs with a lot of effects, you should probably get at least 8GB of RAM Pack Size Song Count Date: Download; RED's Touhou Eurobeat Pad Pack: 153 MB: 19: 2020-Aug-10: Jubo Classics [KB+PAD] (001-150) 555 MB: 163: 2020-May-05: Jubo Cessation + 2019 [KB+PAD] (451-500 Open up StepMania. Go to Edit/Share Songs in the main menu and find the song that you just created. Select the dance-type and the difficult you wish to edit and choose Create With Blank, OR you can start with a source of a different difficult and go off that (meaning that your taking the exact steps of one difficult of that song, and using them in the difficult you choose and you can add on)

Blog dedicado exclusivamente a Opening, Ending y MAD de Animes para Stepmania Stepmania Skin(4k and downscroll only) posted 2015-02-15T04:19:35+00:00. Total Posts 24 show more Kaze Xion. 41 posts Joined May 2014. Topic Starter Kaze Xion 2015-02-15T04:19:35+00:00. Hello stepmania skin here it's for 4K only and it looks sh*t in.

Introduction. StepMania: On The Chill is a theme for StepMania 5. It is based on the default theme by Midiman (of SSC), and is actually intended to remain close enough to track most fixes/updates that apply to the original.. The original theme. This is a fork of a repo I started to track only the Themes/default directory within the main StepMania project.. Stepmania gameplay videos on YouTube; Meme images related to rhythm games; As official assets for a free or charity Stepmania tournament; You are forbidden from using this noteskin for the following purposes: Reuploading without crediting the original designer and the DDR XX project; As assets to advertise or run a commercial Stepmania tournamen Stepmania 5 Theme Ddr X3 110 - DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1) d77fe87ee0 It was originally developed as a simulator of Konami's popular arcade game series Dance Dance Revolution . for Stepmania. StepMania themes can vary from .** DDR Party Collection (Jap): X3 . Dance Dance Revolution X,. DDR OSC 5 - Keyboard.zip

Notices. StepMania 5.3 is still under active development, so there will likely still be bugs and other quirks. If you encounter issues or have any comments or questions, be sure to report or discuss them on our GitHub for public issue tracking, Discord server, or forum.; If upgrading from a previous build, be sure to uninstall it and delete the Appearance/Themes folder in the installation. XIX Laconia - a IIDX21-inspired theme for Stepmania 5 (beta 4 or later) Laconia: A new age for Dance Anarchy themes! PROJEKT steps into SM5 in widescreen, more stylish than ever. DOWNLOAD XIX SUPER Stepmania 5 XVIII RFK - a IIDX20-inspired theme for Stepmania 3.9+ RFK: One theme, four visual styles Stepmania 5 Theme Ddr X3 stepmania themes, stepmania themes 2020, stepmania themes download, stepmania themes ddr extreme, stepmania themes zenius, stepmania theme ddr a20, stepmania theme install, stepmania theme simply love, stepmania theme pump it up, stepmania themes 3.9 I'm about 90%.. I finally created my own stepmania version of the Mabinogi Theme Song. I matched the notes pretty closely. My Dell processor isn't that good cause it's a lap.. StepMania is a dancing rhythm video game and engine. It was originally developed as a simulator of Konami's popular arcade game series Dance Dance Revolution, and has since evolved into an extensible rhythm game engine capable of supporting a wide variety of rhythm-based game types

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Stepmania 3.9: Song:if you want download a lot of links use this. ~Simply Love~ Hello! This thread marks the release of Simply Love for StepMania 5. IMPORTANT NOTES: This theme utilizes many new features of StepMania 5, and it. Gry Muzyczne Strona G DDR SUPERNOVA 2 THEME STEPMANIA. Theme Branch: P install. SHINE Supernova SpaceMaco in mp3 Welcome to the StepMania forums! If you need help be sure to read the stickies StepMania is a cross-platform rhythm video game and engine.It was originally developed as a simulator of Konami's arcade game series Dance Dance Revolution, and has since evolved into an extensible rhythm game engine capable of supporting a variety of rhythm-based game types.Released under the MIT License, StepMania is open-source free software The latest and greatest StepMania version! Features: True widescreen support and display support for most standard resolutions Extremely powerful lua API, allowing you to make your own themes and customize every aspect of it to your heart's conten


  1. Stepmania Songs free download - StepMania (OS X), Songs.Pk - New Hindi Songs, Spotify: Listen to new music, podcasts, and songs, and many more program
  2. StepMania 3.9+ Redux - patches 3.9 to include support for Rolls and Lifts (previously 4.0 only). CyberiaStyle 5 (Japanese) - one of the best, if not the best, 3.9(+) themes. After installing this theme, go to StepMania 3.9\Themes\Cyberiastyle 5\ and run 3_9_plus.bat to add Rolls and Lifts to the Songwheel's information box
  3. A collection of Stepmania Simfiles produced by the community. Skip to main content. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive Pokemon Gold and Silver Battle Theme (moches) route 29 (MrBob123) Sekichiku City Theme... Topics: Stepmania, Stepmania Online,.

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  1. Home » StepMania Themes. 1 folders, 62 files, 852.8 MBytes Search. Where to search this folder and sub-folders this folder only entire server Select All Invert Mask. Actions Archive Get list Server information HttpFileServer 2.3m Server time: 2020-09-12 11:01:24 Server uptime: 19:00:28 Name.extension Size.
  2. stepmania-theme-003 デフォルトのテーマと比較した場合、以下のような違いがあります。 ヘルプ表示について、日本語を基準とするように変更
  3. StepMania works with the following file extensions: Note: You can click on any file extension link from the list below, to view its detailed information. The list of extensions used or otherwise associated with the application may not be complete, because many common file extensions on our website, such as jpg.
  4. Chocolatey is software management automation for Windows that wraps installers, executables, zips, and scripts into compiled packages. Chocolatey integrates w/SCCM, Puppet, Chef, etc. Chocolatey is trusted by businesses to manage software deployments
  5. Con Stepmania no podras dejar de... bailar? xD Ademas de poder jugar con tu teclado tambien podras conectar tu dancepad (Requiere Driver). Y no solo podras jugar las canciones (Simfiles) que se encuentran en muchas paginas de internet sino que tambien podras crear tu propia cancion (Stepchart/Simfile) y publicarla en uno de los sitios que ofrecen carga de Simfiles
  6. テーマの変更は、Stepmaniaを起動後、 Option -> Appearance Options -> Theme で行うことができます。 テーマファイルはググればいくらでも出てくると思いますが、管理人オススメのテーマをいくつか紹介したいと思います。 foonmix

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Windows用のStepManiaの最新バージョンをダウンロード. コンピュータとダンスする準備をしよう. StepManiaは最高のリズムゲームで、あなたの能力をテストするためにビデオクリップを使用します。 StepManiaは公式サイトからダウンロードできる音楽や動画ファイルと連携し、ゲームを開始すると. Family Guy Theme(Sung by Gitaroo Man) Gay Bar Haruka Kanata Slipknot Remix Jefferson Starship family guy version Kyles M()M Legend of Zelda Music Video Theme Loller Coaster Max DUMB max- (tampon) MOTHERFUCKER!! noob song OH EM GEE 2 OH EM GEE 3!!! Sex SHIILOL Vertex^2 WTF 150 You wanna suck my pussy Topics: Stepmania, Stepmania Online, Simfil StepMania 3.9 Plus: See Dance Anarchy. PROJEKTXV is a k//eternal theme, now available for sm-ssc. This port is special since it allows for PHOTwON's customizability to be contained within the theme, meaning non-Windows users can use it as well StepMania プロジェクト の StepMania-3.9.exe の無料ダウンロードページ。StepManiaは、音楽とリズムのゲームです。プレーヤーは、音楽に合わせて、画面上をスクロールするパターンに合致するボタンを時間内に押していきます。3Dグラフィックス機能があり、ゲームパッド/ダンスパッド、ステップ.

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Compatible StepMania version(s) Latest released version(s) dubaiOne: SSC-001: freem: v1.5 (2009/05/10) Cerulean Skies 2: SSC-002: Midiman: v1.1 hotfix (CVS); Public Beta 1 (SM4a) PARASTAR: SSC-PSTAR: Deluxe, freem: v0.4 moonlight: SSC-003: freem: v1.03 (2015/02/21) (SM 5.0.6) public alpha 7 (2009/03/14) (SM4 alpha 5) public alpha Va (2009/09/01. Huge variety of songs, themes, characters, backgrounds and announcers available across the net and from the stepmania website. Cons. None realy except the core program doesnt come with any songs but they can be found on the stepmania sit StepMania est une version PC de jeu de rythme reprenant le principe de Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), Il faut mettre le dossier du thème dans le répertoire Stepmania/Themes. Exemple pour le theme DDR5th (Dance Dance Revolution 5th MIX) Activer dans Options / Display Options / Options Apparenc StepMania is an Open Source clone of the commercial title Dance Dance Revolution (DDR).You play the game either with a dance mat (using your feet) or with the keyboard (using your fingers). A song is played and arrows (up, down, left, and right) are displayed at the bottom of the screen.. StepMania was the Awesome Games Done Quick highlight of the day. PC Gamer Newsletter. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors

DDR PS3 (Theme+RandomMovies+SongPack+Noeskins Stepmania 3

  1. StepMania 5 alpha 3 has been released. Along with the new version of SM5 is the final version of moonlight. After four years of development (including the dubaiOne stuff), freem is done working on the theme. Grab moonlight from its usual spot, and be on the lookout for the sequel, moonlight midnight
  2. StepMania AMX (SMA) es una versión alterna, basada en StepMania 3.9, que desde sus inicios se ha enfocado en mejorar la experiencia de juego
  3. As we mentioned in an earlier news post, In The Groove for PC/Mac can load and play your StepMania collection of songs. Unfortunately though, ITG lacks support for MP3 music files and will ignore all songs that don't use OGG music files
  4. StepMania is a free dance and rhythm game featuring 3D graphics, dance pad support, and a step editor. This is the latest intermediate (BETA) release (20070325). The program itself is under MIT license (used to be under GNU) and is open source. Source is located here. In the zip file are (non-copyrighted) sample songs and courses. All EXEs and DLLs were UPX'd by th
  5. Since the release of StepMania 5, themes have become more extensive in their functionality, building upon the Lua API to provide features such as personalization, gameplay enhancements, and in-game statistics. The new default theme for OutFox, Soundwaves, is inspired by the community, and how it has enriched the StepMania experience
  6. Stepmania Search - pack
[StepMania 5[WIP 3[WIP StepMania 5] DDR (1st ReMIX) theme : Demonstration
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